Supreme Court to hear gun-control case next term on carrying weapons outside home

The legal battle over gun control opened a new front Monday at the Supreme Court, as the justices announced they will consider an important National Rifle Association-backed lawsuit asserting the constitutional right to carry a weapon outside the home. The court will hear the challenge to a century-old New York law in the term that begins in October. The restriction requires those who seek a permit to carry a concealed weapon to show a special need for self-defense and is similar to laws in Maryland, Massachusetts and elsewhere that the court in the past has declined to review. It has been more than a decade since the court last issued a major opinion on gun control. A change in the court’s membership is probably the reason for the about-face from last June, when the court passed up nearly a dozen gun-control challenges. Justice Amy Coney Barrett has filled the seat held by liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg until her death in September and given conservatives a 6-to-3 majority. Barrett joins colleagues who have complained that the court needs to more clearly define the rights first acknowledged in 2008, when the Supreme Court ruled in District of Columbia v. Heller that individuals have the right to gun ownership for self-defense in their homes. The court’s announcement comes at a fraught moment: The nation is reeling from a series of mass shootings. President Biden has lamented the killings and advocated new gun-control measures and a strengthening of existing regulations. The House just […]

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