Sutton Has A Gun On ‘The Bold Type’ & It Nearly Tears Her Friendship With Jane Apart

Sutton Has A Gun On 'The Bold Type' & It Nearly Tears Her Friendship With Jane Apart

Philippe Bosse/Freeform The women of The Bold Type are close. Close enough that, even when they vehemently disagree with each other, they can usually work it out. We saw it earlier in Season 2 when Jane and Kat had a dialog on race and privilege, which was pretty intense. But on the July 17 episode of The Bold Type , the show tackles gun control, and it nearly drives the group apart. Sutton has a gun on The Bold Type, and it forces both her and Jane to come to terms with their assumptions and opinions about the topic of gun control. Jane doesn’t even know that Sutton has a gun in their house — while searching for a “going back to work at Scarlet ” outfit, Jane stumbles upon what looks like a clarinet case. When Sutton informs her that, actually, it’s her shotgun (its name is Betsy) and not a musical instrument, Jane freaks out. It would have been easy in theory for Sutton to have just told Jane about the weapon in their apartment in the first place, but according to Meghann Fahy, who plays Sutton , keeping the peace was paramount. “I think [Sutton] anticipates Jane’s reaction. And I think she probably wants to avoid that because she wants to avoid friction in her friendship,” Fahy says. As Sutton mentions in the episode, she knew Jane would have a different opinion, and it wasn’t worth the argument, which is something Fahy says many can relate […]

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