Taking a look at Kentucky’s gun laws following Louisville bus stop shooting

Taking a look at Kentucky's gun laws following Louisville bus stop shooting

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer had strong words on Kentucky’s gun laws following a drive-by shooting that killed one Louisville student and hurt two others. What You Need To Know Louisville’s mayor called for stronger gun laws after a drive-by shooting that killed a student Kentucky has relatively few gun laws compared to other states Registration is not required, and neither is a concealed carry permit One defense attorney said it’s not easy, politically, to make more restrictive gun laws in Kentucky “Especially given the limitations placed on us by state laws that ban common sense gun measures, guns are everywhere. And it’s a huge source of this problem, not just today, but each and every day,” Fischer said. Compared to other states, buying a gun in Kentucky is a relatively simple process. “In Kentucky, the regime of laws involving firearms is relatively respectful of people’s rights under the second amendment to the United States Constitution, and various rights under the Kentucky Constitution as well,” said defense attorney Dan Carman. “Unless you’re a felon. That is, you have a felony conviction, or have a qualifying crime of domestic violence, or a qualifying order of domestic violence against you, or are an illegal alien, in other words, an undocumented person here, as a general matter, with certain exceptions involving certain types of weaponry, which is regulated by the federal government, you have a fairly unqualified right to own, possess, carry and use firearms.” Carman has dealt with hundreds […]

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