Tarboo Ridge Coalition: County gun range measure violates state law

Gun Rights

PORT TOWNSEND — The Tarboo Ridge Coalition has filed a lawsuit with the Growth Management Hearings Board, alleging Jefferson County violated state law when it passed its gun range ordinances last year. In a brief filed last week the Tarboo Ridge Coalition, which has opposed Joe D’Amico’s proposed 40-acre shooting range near Tarboo Lake, claims that the “health and safety” ordinance approved Nov. 2 by the Board of County Commissioners actually was a development regulation that modifies land use permitting and that it was approved without any environmental review in violation of the State Environmental Policy Act. “The Coalition objects to the County allowing unlimited sized, private, for-profit gun ranges capable of covert training of military units and opening up 76% of the land in unincorporated Jefferson County to such facilities,” Peter Newland of the Tarboo Ridge Coalition said in a press release. The county plans to file its prehearing brief on April 22 and the Growth Management Hearings Board will hold a hearing at 9 a.m. June 11 at the Jefferson County Courthouse. A final decision is due by July 17. “We don’t agree with their position that the Title 8 ordinance is a development regulation,” said Chief Civil Prosecuting Attorney Philip Hunsucker. “The record is pretty clear that we passed that ordinance as a health and safety [ordinance].” The Tarboo Ridge Coalition first filed a petition for review in December and then filed a second petition for review in January. The TRC claims that the Title 8 […]

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