Technology to Trace Guns ‘Like D-N-A’ is Not Being Used by Many California Law Enforcement Agencies

Technology to Trace Guns 'Like D-N-A' is Not Being Used by Many California Law Enforcement Agencies

Gun Tracing Tech Not Being Used by Most of Law Enforcement The ATF and many local law enforcement agencies agree the technology has the potential to get some of the most violent criminals off the streets, but NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit found the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) isn’t being utilized by many crime labs and police departments across California. And when it is, there are often significant backlogs impeding its effectiveness. Senior Investigative Reporter Stephen Stock reports on a story that first aired Wednesday May 23. (Published Thursday, May 24, 2018) Otilio “Nico” Martinez was just minutes away from home when he fell mortally wounded in a hail of bullets while walking through his Richmond neighborhood. ShotSpotter gunshot detection equipment captured the sound of nearly 50 rounds that police say were fired into Martinez at close range just in front of the Zion Hill Church. It was the Fall of 2016, and his family says Nico, 18, was holding down two jobs and had just enrolled in college classes. Otilio "Nico" Martinez For members of the Swerve Team, the North Richmond gang later implicated in Martinez’s murder, the killing was just a blip in a violent, months-long crime spree that left a trail of dead and wounded. For his parents, Nico’s death was life-shattering. “He was genuine and fun loving,” said Josie Martinez, Nico’s mom. “He was humble and unique. His smile literally lit up a room. He was heaven sent, and even before he came […]

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