Ted Nugent calls father of gun violence victim a ‘dumb f***’ for protesting concert

Ted Nugent calls father of gun violence victim a 'dumb f***' for protesting concert

Ted Nugent performs in Michigan last August. (Photo: Scott Legato/Getty Images) Ted Nugent dedicated a song during his concert on Tuesday in Virginia to “dumb f***” protesters like Andy Parker, who is the father of a gun violence victim. The outspoken Republican rocker, who’s no stranger to controversy, said to the audience, according to the Roanoke Times , “If I get too political, f*** you.” Nugent also dedicated his set to “everybody, including those dumb motherf*****s that were protesting me because they’re still grieving. When you lose a loved one, we pray for you when you lose a loved one. We all prayed for him, didn’t we? How the f*** do you hate the Nugent family when we’re praying for you? You dumb f****.” Parker led protests in the area for weeks ahead of Nugent’s show. He believed the Berglund Performing Arts Theatre made a negligent decision letting Nugent perform given local tragedies, like his daughter’s death and the Virginia Tech massacre. However, it hardly deterred the 69-year-old musician, who declared to the crowd, “So go ahead and protest, because the freedom of speech allows you to let the whole world know just what a piece of s*** you are. What the f***. So you know what? I’m gonna pray for him anyway. Because I’ve lost friends, and I grieve.” Parker is the father of WDBJ reporter Alison Parker, who was gunned down in a Virginia Mall along with her colleague on live TV by a disgruntled employee in […]

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