Texas Governor’s School Safety Plan: More Armed Guards, No Big Gun Controls

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, left, at a recent round table with people affected by gun violence. The series of round tables after the Santa Fe school shooting were seen by many as stacked against any significant tightening of gun laws. Two weeks after a student armed with a sawed-off shotgun and a revolver killed 10 people at a high school outside Houston, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas on Wednesday proposed spending more than $100 million to hire more police and armed guards for school campuses and to expand programs to identify students at risk of engaging in mass violence. Mr. Abbott, a Republican, also proposed stepping up security at schools by limiting the number of entrances and exits, and installing alarms specifically designated to warn of active shooters. “You have to know who is coming into the school, and you have to know who is leaving it,” Mr. Abbott said. But his school safety plan contained only modest changes to gun laws: He proposed requiring parents to keep firearms locked away from children under the age of 18, a tightening of current law which requires such controls for families with children younger than 17. He also proposed improvements to the system for reporting felony convictions and mental health adjudications, both of which trigger prohibitions on gun possession under federal law. And he asked state legislators to “consider the merits” of passing a so-called red flag law that would allow the police, family members or a school employee to […]

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