Texas lawmakers send permit-free gun carrying legislation to governor’s desk

Texas lawmakers send permit-free gun carrying legislation to governor's desk

Pistols in custom-made holsters are seen during an open carry rally at the Texas State Capitol on January 1, 2016 in Austin, Texas. (CNN)Texas is a step closer to allowing residents to carry handguns in public without obtaining a license or training. The Texas legislature on Monday approved the final version of a permitless carry gun bill , sending the legislation to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk for his signature. House Bill 1927 would allow individuals 21 and older who can legally possess a firearm in the state to carry a handgun in public places without a permit. Texas joins a handful of other conservative-led states that have passed measures this year allowing some form of permitless carry and expanded gun rights at the state level, as President Joe Biden took action to institute some limited gun restrictions and is calling on Congress to do more in the wake of high-profile mass shootings. Once signed, the bill will go into effect in September and Texas, which has a strong gun culture, would be by far the largest state to allow its gun owners to carry weapons in public without a license. Abbott, a Republican, has already indicated he would sign the bill once it made it through the legislature. "I’ll be signing it," he said in a radio interview on WBAP last month. "I support it and I believe it should reach my desk and we should have ‘constitutional carry’ in Texas." The bill passed the state’s legislative chambers […]

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