Texas’ new ‘constitutional carry’ law expected to spur more gun sales

Texas' new 'constitutional carry' law expected to spur more gun sales

Ranger Firearms owner Edward E. DeWees III shows a handgun to Austin Evans, Friday, Aug. 3, 2021. Texas’ “constitutional carry” law took effect Wednesday, allowing adults over 21 without criminal backgrounds to carry handguns without a license. Sales of guns and ammunition have skyrocketed recently as Americans grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, political upheaval and fears of violence. With Texas’ “constitutional carry” law taking effect — it allows most residents to carry handguns in public without a license — San Antonio gun store owners are expecting a surge in business. At Adelbridge & Co. Firearms at 7080 San Pedro Ave., owner Jonathan Hirsch said he’s many potential gun buyers hadn’t wanted to pay a permit fee, sit through a training class and wait weeks or months to receive their licenses. “I’m certain that more people are taking advantage of the new law,” Hirsch said. Brandon Rhea, who stopped by the store Thursday to buy a gun holster, said neither he nor his wife have a permit to carry a handgun and are excited about the new law, which kicked in Wednesday. One of his reasons for not getting a permit was because he would’ve had to take time off work. “Things seem to be getting worse,” said Rhea, 38. “I feel safer now that I can carry.” On ExpressNews.com: Texas becomes largest state so far to enact a ‘constitutional carry’ gun law Andrew Kerns, another customer and a gun enthusiast who has a permit, anticipates an initial spike in […]

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