Texas Paper Rips Ted Cruz’s ‘Second-Amendment Absolutism’ on Ghost Guns

Texas Paper Rips Ted Cruz's 'Second-Amendment Absolutism' on Ghost Guns

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz was taken to task by a newspaper in his own state this week for his attempt to block President Joe Biden ‘s latest crackdown on “ghost guns.” On Monday, the Houston Chronicle editorial board criticized Cruz for promoting “Second-Amendment absolutism” amid a rise in U.S. gun violence. The editorial comes after Cruz and three other Republican senators announced last week that they would attempt to stop Biden’s latest gun control measure , which is meant to stop Americans from purchasing so-called “ghost guns,” unlicensed firearm kits that can be self-assembled at home. “Cruz’s Second-Amendment absolutism makes about as much sense as a man stepping into a subway car and opening fire with a Glock,” the newspaper wrote, in reference to a shooting at a subway station in New York City last week that left 29 people injured. “As polls show, most Americans realize that modest gun-safety measures have nothing to do with abridging Second Amendment rights. They have to do with pushing back against only-in-this-country gun insanity, insanity that tolerates gun deaths as mere collateral damage. Only in this country can we rise up and say ‘enough,'” it added. The Houston Chronicle published an editorial on Monday criticizing Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz over his attempt to block President Joe Biden’s crackdown on ghost guns. Here, Cruz speaks at the U.S. Capitol on April 7, 2022 in Washington, D.C. Drew Angerer/Getty Images The newspaper’s criticism came after Cruz claimed that Biden’s crackdown on the […]

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