‘That sense of security is really important’ | Gun ownership among Black men and women skyrockets

WASHINGTON — A report produced by the Firearm Industry Trade Association noted a nearly 60% increase in firearm sales among Black women and men in 2020. And when you consider all buyers, the organization said more than 8.4 million people purchased a firearm for the first time last year. “We had been seeing the market shift over time,” said Mark Oliva, Director of Public Affairs for the Firearm Industry Trade Association. “It was looking less like me (a white man) and more like the rest of America. We’re seeing more African Americans, more Hispanics, more Asian Americans, and we’re seeing more women buy guns.” Many of these new gun owners are finding support and community from several gun rights organizations including The National African American Gun Association better known as ‘NAAGA’. It boasts 45,000 members nationwide since its inception in 2015. Over the last year, major national events like the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter Demonstrations last summer, have helped NAAGA recruit an average of 1,000 new members every month. Standing inside a small firing lane at Cindy’s Hotshot in Glen Bernie, Maryland, Janice Dalton, lines her gun with the target directly ahead. “Always keeping my finger off the trigger,” Dalton repeated herself. Her focus is intense. She can feel the presence of her instructor, Darryl White, as he watches every move Dalton makes. She fires and hits the target. “Alright, good shot,” congratulated White. The two give one another a fist pump; mindful of safety protocols during […]

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