The claim that crime falls when states relax gun-control laws

“You think that in New York City, people should have considerable freedom to carry concealed weapons. I think that people of good moral character who start drinking a lot and who may be there for a football game or — or some kind of soccer game — can get pretty angry at each other, and if they each have a concealed weapon, who knows? And there are plenty of statistics in these briefs to show there’s some people who do know, and a lot of people end up dead, okay? … What are we supposed to say, in your opinion, that is going to be clear enough that we will not produce a kind of gun-related chaos?” “So, Justice Breyer, I would sort of point you to two things that maybe would give you some comfort. I mean, one is the experience of the 43 states, and there are amicus briefs on both sides getting into the empirical evidence, but there really isn’t a case that those 43 states that include very large cities like Phoenix, like Houston, like Chicago — they have not had demonstrably worse problems with this than the five or six states that have the regime that New York has.” The Supreme Court is considering whether a gun-control law in New York unconstitutionally restricts the right to bear arms. At the heart of this case is a big question: Do Americans have a Second Amendment right to carry guns outside their homes? (The court ruled […]

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