The First Amendment and not the second that should color the fabric of America

The NRA is rebranding the AR15 as a "home defense" weapon. Assault weapons were designed for modern warfare which is judged to occur at a distance of 300 yards or three football fields away. The bullets will fly well out of a neighborhood, not just your home, and through walls. The history of arms is one of uparming. Criminals will match and exceed homeowner firepower. This means that any fire, from you or the invader, will potentially end up incoming on neighboring homes, and those homes in turn may justifiably return fire to snuff it out. This is a casualty circle. The NRA practices the ancient art of sophistry. They repeatedly employ specious arguments. Their clever but fallacious reasoning is designed to deceive. The AR15 is not "home defense." It will bring havoc to your home from a myriad of sources. Like dominoes, NRA minded folks will jump in. Some NRA "good guys" go bad, very bad. Other NRA good guys bring harm to themselves and others because they do not think through NRA gun ideology. Given that "guns don’t kill people, people do;" the people who are gunners need to be sorted, as should be the capacities of gunnery. The gun is the widely preferred method of killing and the NRA by design makes this blatantly obvious trend worse. The Second Amendment cannot be interpreted in a fashion that infringes on the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Citizens in the United States are widely […]

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