The GOP’s Newfound Concern for “The Children” Doesn’t Save Kids from Their #1 Killer: Guns

The GOP's Newfound Concern for "The Children" Doesn't Save Kids from Their #1 Killer: Guns

We have the resources to deal with childhood injuries and deaths from the only product sold in America specifically designed to kill human beings—now the leading cause of death in children. Nina Shapiro reports at Forbes this week in an article titled ” The Leading Cause Of Death In Children And Youths Is Now Guns “: “Access to firearms by children, by unlicensed owners, and absence of safety measures when it comes to both intentional and unintentional gun-related injuries and deaths, are among the reasons that the incidence of this horrific, truly avoidable tragedy is on the rise.” The latest con from the GOP is that they’re all about “the children.” They’re worried that trans people will show up in the “wrong” bathroom and scare or threaten “the children.” They’re hysterical that teaching American history will cause white children to “feel bad.” They’re locking up women and threatening them with life in prison because they had a miscarriage that Republicans suspect might have been a self-induced abortion. They’re happily jumping on the 2022 GOP version of the Tsar’s antisemitic blood libel, claiming their political opponents are “groomers” targeting children. They’re enthusiastically embracing the Qanon slogan: “Save the children!” Until you mention children killed by guns. Then, Republicans retreat into a bizarre cone of silence or simply turn and run away from the conversation altogether. Or, worse, they continue grooming their own young people to become school shooters, as you can see below. Twenty years ago, car accidents were the […]

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