The greatest democracy in the world?

I’ve heard several politicians and pundits recently claim that the U.S. is “the greatest democracy in the world.” If so, why are the Chinese and Russian governments promoting America as an example of the failure of democracy? Democracy in the U.S. is fragile: we have only two viable national parties. Britain has six parties with more than three members in Parliament. France and Germany have seven. A coalition of eight political parties represented in the Israeli Knesset recently unseated Benjamin Netanyahu. Why does America have so few viable political parties? Corporations want it that way. Corporations do not want a third party in the U.S. because two parties are the minimum for the system to be called a democracy and much cheaper to influence with money than three or more. Most American corporations themselves are autocracies, with presidents and CEOs controlling everything and everyone in the company. Multiparty democracies form interparty coalitions to prevent gridlock, which is possible only in countries with only two parties. An advantage in one party autocracies is that no gridlock can occur, so laws are passed freely. U.S. congressional gridlock leaves no room for change, and that sort of political stability is what the economic success of corporations rests on. The American democracy is weakened by two other factors: the electoral college and the filibuster in the Senate. In the U.S., a minority party can manipulate the electoral college and filibuster to achieve their goals. By simply ignoring the Constitution and the law, a […]

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