The Jan. 6 commission’s death knell

The Jan. 6 commission's death knell

The Jan. 6 commission’s death knell By MELANIE ZANONA 05/28/2021 07:55 AM EDT Presented by the Alzheimer’s Association with a big assist from Olivia Beavers, Sarah Ferris and Marianne LeVine THE WORLD’S GREATEST DELIBERATIVE BODY-ODY-ODY-ODY — The House is usually known for being the chamber of chaos. But yesterday, the Senate said, “Hold my beer.” With jet fumes wafting in the air and senators anxious to catch flights home for the Memorial Day recess, some eleventh-hour objections from the GOP ground the Senate to a halt last night, dragging the drama into the wee hours of the morning and delaying action on several bills and nominations. The backstory: Earlier in the day, senators overcame an impasse on a bipartisan bill to counter China. But then Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) threw another last-minute wrench into the debate, complaining that he didn’t get any amendments, including one on border security, or have time to read a manager’s package of amendments that had been negotiated for weeks. So Johnson refused to allow quick consideration of the bill, and he and others insisted on taking up floor time to deliver late-night speeches. Some senators, however, were not interested in sticking around until the bitter end. Retiring Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) was spotted on a flight last evening, spy novel in hand, per Lydia DePillis of ProPublica. In another surreal moment, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) gave an impassioned speech to reporters about the need for a bipartisan commission to investigate the Capitol riots — […]

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