The Law Q&A | Two new state laws focus on firearm ownership

Gun Rights

The dawn of 2019 brings the dawn of a couple new laws in Illinois enacted by its legislature which involve firearm ownership. First, a waiting period of 72 hours is required before delivery by a seller of any firearm after application for purchase is made by a purchaser. Before this year, the 72-hour delivery delay only applied to handguns. Now it applies to all firearms. The law continues to have a 24-hour delivery delay for sale of stun guns or Tasers. The exceptions to the 72-hour delay are substantially as before — among them are the selling to a law enforcement officer, bank or armed truck guard or similarly employed person known by the seller to be so employed, or sale to federally licensed firearms dealers. Also in effect on Jan. 1 is the Firearms Restraining Order Act. Family members or the police can request a judge to order temporary removal of guns from any person whom the requester shows to be a threat to themselves or others. An emergency order can be asked for without a hearing if the requester (a spouse, former spouse, a person with whom the alleged possessor has a child, someone whom the requestor has dated or a fiance) gave notice or shows what effort for notice was attempted. The court must hear the request the same day or within 24 hours of the request being filed in the court. The requestor must show a reasonable suspicion that the alleged firearms possessor indeed possesses […]

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