The NRA’s Warning About Witchcraft and Gun Control May Not Be as Bizarre as You Think

The NRA's Warning About Witchcraft and Gun Control May Not Be as Bizarre as You Think

The National Rifle Association issued a seemingly bizarre warning about witchcraft and gun control on Twitter over the weekend. In the tweet, the NRA asked: “Have you ever wondered what happens when witchcraft intersects with gun control? Witch spells are cast onto POTUS and the NRA.” The organization further pledged: “When fighting for freedom, the NRA doesn’t get involved in witchcraft. We prefer education, political activism, and grassroots.” The phrasing of the tweet, which seemed to imply a real fear of witchcraft, has triggered a wave of mockery online. One critic of the anti-gun control organization asked: “Did you guys get hacked or are you legit this crazy?” Another observed that “the gun fetishists have started ranting about witches. This should end well.” But the message was more grounded in reality than it might have seemed. It linked to a report from the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action about self-described witches conducting actual rituals in Washington, D.C. “Witch” is a term often used for adherents of present-day Paganism, a nature-worshiping practice which has been recognized by Federal agencies including the Department of Defense . According to the Pew Research Center on Religion and Public Life, Pagans make up 0.3% of the American population , or close to 1 million individuals. The NRA’s report was based on a story from the Pagan website . According to that story, a group of eight witches conducted a “binding ritual” against President Trump last Februrary and later performed a similar ritual against […]

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