The Public Pulse: Put yourself in students’ shoes

The Public Pulse: Put yourself in students' shoes

Mourners wait for the start of a prayer vigil following a deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, May 18. In passively suggesting students are stupid, Drew Whitler ("Students and gun control," May 25 Public Pulse) stated, "It’s interesting to see all the schoolkids being given so much press and a voice in the gun control debate." And "it would mean so much more if they had enough life experience to understand the complexity of the issue." I’m curious what he would do if he were in their shoes. Perhaps patiently wait for people to stop watching violence on TV and at the movies or throw their violent video games away. How about waiting for people with mental illness to magically recover. Better yet, would Whitler be willing to sit quietly in class waiting for Congress to do something about this madness? These students would love to be able to share their life experiences beyond high school, grade school and, after Sandy Hook, kindergarten, instead of worrying each day that they might be gunned down. I guarantee every single gun owner would gladly throw all his guns away in exchange for his child’s life. But since no one is asking for that, how about universal background checks, universal gun registration and banning large-capacity magazines and military grade assault weapons? And they should stop comparing hunting rifles with assault weapons. Anyone who can’t shoot a deer or rabbit with one shot should take up tennis. We […]

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