The Readers’ Forum: Wednesday letters

Last week, Republican Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan tweeted: Not FBI. (Can’t believe I have to say that.) January 6th was not whatever ridiculous conspiracy or white-washing explanation liars are peddling. It was what it was: a violent attempt to stop the constitutional transfer of power. You paint with too broad a brush when you fail to note that there are good, conservative Republicans, like Meijer, Rep. Adam Kinzinger and Rep. Liz Cheney, who are telling the truth and fighting for democracy. Maybe they’re just not making enough noise to get the attention of the mainstream media. But they’re not making enough noise to get the attention of their fellow Republicans, either. Evan Fisher Winston-Salem Gun popularity growing Query: How do you reconcile the oft-proclaimed claim that the majority of the American public is demanding more "sensible gun control" with the facts that in 2020 over 23 million (more than 10% of all guns in circulation) were sold; that there were 8 million new gun buyers; that 40% of the new gun buyers were women; another 40% were minorities and that Biden Democrats outnumbered conservatives as first-time gun buyers in Texas? It would appear that the American people are voting with their wallets in favor of their Second Amendment right to possess and bear arms, rather than for more "sensible gun control.” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a series of gun-related bills into law, included one that lets people carry handguns without first getting a background check and […]

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