The Readers’ Forum: Wednesday letters

The writer of the Oct. 10 letter “Who I’m voting for” asked why I’m voting for Joe Biden. I’m voting for Joe Biden because I would like the president to be a person my grandchildren can look up to: a decent, honorable, compassionate human being. I’m voting for: the Second Amendment and the possibility that we can limit gun ownership to as many weapons as a person wants as long as they are not the kind that can kill 26 children and teachers in less than five minutes. I support everyone owning many weapons as long as they can pass a background test. the next Supreme Court justice, hoping for a better balanced group of people deciding the most important issues in America. police, law and order, military and veterans (like my husband), who are not “suckers and losers.” the right to fly the American flag, or not. secure borders and compassion for those seeking to lawfully enter. America doesn’t need a trillion-dollar wall, we need solutions for our immigration process. the rights of women and their own bodies. Let God be the judge. Many are not pro-life, but pro-birth, not willing to help destitute mothers and babies beyond birth. If even one woman thinks abortion is her only choice, let it be legal. good against evil. I’m voting for Biden because he cares about everyone’s health care, climate needs, world allies and all Americans. He will make the future of America better. Judi Perrault Winston-Salem A perfect fit […]

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