The Right Question: Why Guns At All?

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Enough. Guns do kill people. Lethal gun violence is driven by America’s unique and epidemic addiction to firearms. In no place in the world do more people have more guns, with more deadly results [courant. com, July 2, "Small Capital City Draped In Grief By Newspaper Shooting"]. Yes, the Second Amendment provides a right to bear arms. But all constitutional rights are conditional and subject to limitations that are fair and reasonable for the times. We are stuck asking the wrong question. It’s not whether this or that person should have been armed to kill. The real question is why most anyone needs to be armed to kill with such an available variety of lethal force. Let’s stop letting the National Rifle Association ‘s propaganda, paranoid pandering and bought-and-paid-for politicians block the will of the vast majority of Americans who support gun regulation. Haven’t we had enough of mourning slaughter of the innocents? Kevin Sullivan, West Hartford

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