The Rise Of Mass Knife Attacks Around The World Shows The Problem Isn’t Guns. It’s People

In China, where firearms are tightly restricted, it’s probably no surprise that those who want to hurt people found another way to do it. The dramatic rise of knife attacks around the world shows that the problem these days isn’t with guns. It’s with people. Mass knife attacks have become so common over the years that a Chinese police department recently released a video to teach citizens how to defend themselves against knife-wielding assailants and it has gone viral, with 16 million views in just a few days. It has subtitles and some great advice that even I would be able to follow. This Toxic Vegetable Is The No. 1 Danger In Your Diet All humor aside, some folks in the US who want to do away with the Second Amendment are probably saying smugly, “Well, knife attacks are bad, but only people with GUNS can kill dozens of victims quickly.” Those folks would be wrong. For example… In 2014, 33 people were killed and 130 more were injured when a group of men coordinated a terror attack using knives at a train station in southwest China’s Yunnan Province. In 2015, fifty workers at a Chinese coal mine were killed in a coordinated knife attack. Fifty more workers were injured. In 2016, a facility for the disabled was attacked by a man with a knife. He killed 15 people and injured 45 , then later surrendered himself to police. In 2017, 18 people walking down a city street were […]

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