The story of SB452: How an unlikely alliance helped block a plan to allow casinos to become gun-free zones

State Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, D-Las Vegas, shown in 2020, shepherded Senate Bill 452 through the the chamber earlier this year. The measure would have allowed casinos to become gun-free zones. In recent sessions of the Nevada Legislature, lawmakers have taken several steps forward on gun safety. Bump stock ban — passed. Universal background checks — passed. Red flag law — passed. Ban on ghost guns — passed. And so on. So when lawmakers introduced a bill this year to allow casinos to become gun-free zones in a similar manner to schools , government buildings and even the Nevada Legislative Building, the legislation might have appeared likely to sail through the process to become law. Wrong. The measure, Senate Bill 452, would run into opposition from an unlikely alliance of groups and would be blocked in the Assembly after passing narrowly in the Senate. It was a stunning and frustrating setback for gun-safety advocates, who had argued that the bill was an appropriate reaction to a recent rise of gun violence on the Las Vegas Strip and would provide casino operators with an important tool to protect visitors and staff from harm. The defeat of SB452 would also raise thorny questions about the balance between protecting public safety versus reducing the disparate impact of the justice system on communities of color. In the end, it left the state’s casinos in a status quo that allows them to ban guns on their properties but, according to the bill’s proponents, […]

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