'The View' discusses what comes next in wake of deadly Virginia Beach shooting: 'You can't legislate evil'

‘The View’ discusses what comes next in wake of deadly Virginia Beach shooting: ‘You can’t legislate evil’

Gun Rights

"The View" co-hosts’ first order of business following the tragic shooting in Virginia Beach that took the lives of 12 people was to ask themselves what the country should do about gun control . On Friday afternoon in the Virginia Beach Municipal Center, longtime city employee DeWayne Craddock used his own security pass to enter the crowded building. According to officials , he went floor-to-floor two .45-caliber guns killing 11 co-workers and a contractor. During an intense gun battle between the shooter and police responders, he was shot at the scene. Whoopi Goldberg outlined the attack on "The View" before saying, "It now sounds like we pay lip service," considering the number of mass shooting the U.S. has endured this year. "What should we do?" "I do think that the right to bear arms is an important thing. Even though it says you should be a part of the militia, I get that," Goldberg continued. "Do we really need to have people with access to millions of guns?" "Since it keeps happening that people get these guns legally," she continued also noting that’s not necessarily the case with the Virginia Beach shooter, "What do we do? Beause this stuff is getting really tough." Guest co-host Tara Setmayer premised her opinion saying that because mass shootings are "so emotional," it can be "difficult" to process "because you just want to just have a reaction." "What makes these situations unique is that guns and the right to own guns is a […]

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