These Colorado counties have declared themselves '2nd Amendment sanctuaries' as Red Flag bill progresses

These Colorado counties have declared themselves ‘2nd Amendment sanctuaries’ as Red Flag bill progresses

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DENVER — Close to half of Colorado’s 64 counties have passed resolutions declaring themselves "second amendment sanctuaries" in response to a piece of gun control legislation moving its way through the legislature. HB19-1177, commonly known as the red flag bill, essentially allows for a judge to order someone’s guns be taken away if they’re considered to be a risk. The person would have to prove they’re no longer a threat to have their guns returned to them. RELATED: Red flag bill: A person who loses their gun has to prove they’re no longer a risk to get it back The bill hasn’t yet passed, but with Democrats in control of the legislature and in the top offices of state government, it’s unlikely to fail. WHY ARE THESE COUNTIES PASSING THESE RESOLUTIONS? Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams has been vocal about his opposition. The Board of Weld County Commissioners unanimously passed its resolution in early March. Reams argues the bill violates Constitutional rights, does little in the way of addressing mental health and says it could put law enforcement in danger if officers show up to a person’s house – a person who’s considered a risk – and attempt to seize their weapons. “The very last choice I’d use in one of those situations is the use of a red flag law,” Reams told Next with Kyle Clark . “I’m going to go a different route any chance that I can.” Through the resolution, the commissioners in Weld County said […]

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