These high schoolers were tired of lawmakers’ inaction. So, they wrote their own gun control legislation

These high schoolers were tired of lawmakers' inaction. So, they wrote their own gun control legislation

(CNN)Like many schools across the nation, the halls of Alhambra High School, just outside Los Angeles, were buzzing with questions following the school shooting in Parkland . Teacher Jose Sanchez spent a lot of time helping students work through these questions during class. Ultimately, he says, the students got tired of waiting for their legislators to introduce a gun control bill. So they decided to write their own. The beginnings of the bill The 32 students in Sanchez’s third period American government class started by researching current gun laws and various forms of political engagement. They decided the best way they could make a change is to write a resolution. Student Eduardo Flores said the inspiration came from their frustration with the lack of any political initiative. This week, for example, the White House announced a modest set of proposals that fall far short of the wide-ranging changes that President Trump promoted in February : such as, raising the minimum purchasing age on some guns or expanding background checks to gun shows and internet sales — The administration announced Sunday it would launch a commission to study school violence and would look at ways to allow states to train teachers who wanted to carry guns. "I feel like the politicians today, they acknowledge us and they say that they’re going to do something just to quiet us down," Eduardo told CNN. "We’re the next leaders of the nation so why not start now to make a change?" The proposed […]

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