They NEVER learn! Kyle Kashuv so badly SCHOOLS co-founder of gun-grabber group he RUNS (deletes tweets)

Covering a story focused on a coward deleting tweets is a real Catch 22 for Twitchy editors. On one hand, you know the whoopin’ was SO bad that one person got upset and deleted things so they didn’t look too stupid, but on the other, it’s REALLY hard to figure out what the heck happened. Yeah yeah, we know, first world problems. Far as we can tell, Marcel McClinton took issue with Kyle Kashuv fact-checking his tweet on murder stats and gun violence. I would really stop sounding foolish and research the difference between and homicide and murder. It’ll help you out long term. — Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) June 3, 2018 Oof. And yet, fair point. Again, we can’t see what Marcel said as a tweet, but LUCKILY Kyle thought to grab it and share … smart kid, right? Oh, Marcel. Do some research on homicide versus murder AND on Kyle Kashuv before saying such stupid things. Trust us, it will save you quite a few headaches down the road. If only he’d looked Kyle up he’d know he’s at the top of his rather large class. You’re a real piece of work, man. Keep doing what you’re doing, I’m waiting to embrace the blue ripple. — Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) June 3, 2018 Again, no tweet because Marcel deleted. And again, Kyle grabbed it. If everyone else agrees with you, @MarcelMcClinton , why delete the Tweet? — Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) June 3, 2018 This guy. No wonder […]

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