This Agency’s Gun Share Program Imagines a World Where AR-15s Are Rented Like Bikes

Imagine this scene: you’re on your way to work, bleary-eyed, and you approach a bike-sharing station. But, in lieu of bikes, you’re confronted with a row of 10 replica AR-15 rifles. It’s a jarring sight and that’s exactly the point of this collaborative art installation in Chicago’s Daley Plaza from The Escape Pod agency and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. You can’t actually grab a gun from the “Chicago Gun Share Program,” but its creators hope the installation will send a message about how disturbingly easy it is for a citizen to acquire an assault weapon—about as easy as renting a bike. “The program was developed in response to the lack of federal gun regulations and conflicting state laws that would help protect American citizens from unnecessary gun violence,” according to a statement from the Brady Center. Besides presenting a powerful visual, the installation is informative—it highlights the disparities in state gun laws between Illinois and Indiana, exposing a microcosm of the much larger issue of a divided America. The piece accepts virtual donations and boasts a social media hashtag: #GunShare The aim of the gun share is not necessarily to promote a radical overhaul in gun laws, but rather to push the enactment of rudimentary, common sense regulation. There is perhaps no more appropriate place for the project than Chicago, a city which sees a disproportionate amount of gun violence. In particular, the Brady Center is pushing to extend background checks for all gun sales, ban […]

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