This SC armory is selling gun accessory with three settings: ‘F—,’ ‘Joe’ and ‘Biden’

A South Carolina gun manufacturer is selling a new product inscribed with a derogatory reference to President Joe Biden. The West Columbia-based Palmetto State Armory is marketing a gun accessory on its website with three firing settings labeled “F@CK!” “JOE!” and “BIDEN!” The swear word — with the “@” sign engraved — is the safety mode, the president’s first name will fire, and his last name will go full-automatic, according to the website. The product comes as an attachment for AR-15-style platform builds and is sold and shipped for $59.99. It’s being marketed as the LETSGO-15 lower receiver with a BRANDON serial number range. “Let’s Go, Brandon” has become a kind of conservative meme and code for a similar-sounding vulgar phrase after an NBC Sports reporter covering a NASCAR race in Alabama apparently misheard an anti-Biden chant going through the crowd, mistaking it for a chant in support of driver Brandon Brown. In recent weeks, the phrase has been emblazoned on everything from hats to face masks — including one U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-Laurens, was photographed wearing at the U.S. Capitol last week. Now the phrase can adorn your gun as well, complete with an engraved checkered flag. The gun company already has been criticized for the design, with one user on Twitter asking if it warranted the attention of the Secret Service as an implied threat to the president. But at least one customer was happy about the design, writing on the armory’s website that they hoped […]

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