Thomas Hardiman, Donald Trump’s Supreme Court finalist, explained

Thomas Hardiman, Donald Trump's Supreme Court finalist, explained

President Donald Trump is set to announce his nominee for Anthony Kennedy ’s seat on the Supreme Court Monday evening at 9 pm, and by many accounts , a frontrunner for the position is Third Circuit Court of Appeals judge Thomas Hardiman. Widely viewed as the runner-up to replace Antonin Scalia last year, Hardiman has been a Trump favorite for a while, but has picked up steam in recent days. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recommended Hardiman , along with Sixth Circuit judge Raymond Kethledge, to Trump, saying that the two would face fewer obstacles to confirmation than Amy Coney Barrett or Brett Kavanaugh, two other finalists. A report by New York Times’s Maggie Haberman suggested that Trump spent Monday morning “seeking input” from various sources about Hardiman and Kavanaugh; the other rumored finalists, Barrett and Raymond Kethledge, “were not the focus of Mr. Trump’s morning discussions, according to those familiar with the discussions.” Hardiman has a long and solidly conservative record as a federal judge, both in his current post and in his prior role on a district court. His past nominations have been approved without controversy. He was twice appointed by George W. Bush, and the Senate confirmed him 95-0 for his court of appeals job, with 18 current Democratic senators including Chuck Schumer, Patty Murray, and Bernie Sanders voting yes. If appointed and confirmed this time around, he will be the only Supreme Court justice to not have attended Harvard or Yale for law school. He […]

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