Tips for Starting to Carry

Daily concealed carry seems effortless for many. We refuse to be victims and hold sacred having the ability to protect and defend ourselves if needed. Each day we make carrying our firearm a part of our routine. This should be black and white, cut and dried, and easy for anyone who exercises their Second Amendment right, correct? Wrong. There are many citizens among us who value this right yet are hesitant to exercise it because they’re timid about carrying. Their apprehension is understandable. I would surmise that each and every one of us know someone who struggles with being afraid to carry. When we meet those people, we must abstain from chastising and instead offer solutions they can use to overcome their fear. In this article you will find helpful tips that, when practiced, will “ease you into carrying.” Dry firing lets you improve your mechanics. The goal would be to balance a round on the top of the slide and have it not fall off during the dry-fire drill. Walk before you run. A great way to build your comfort level and confidence is to house carry with a safe firearm. You should always treat your gun as if it is loaded, but for this drill, make sure it is safe. Practice muzzle control. Always confirm that the magazine and chamber are empty. I would suggest even leaving the magazine out. Keep the firearm on your person while going about your regular day at home. This is an […]

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