Tired of debate about guns in schools? Try this: Ohio city considers arming council members

Conceal carry laws change (Photo: Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images) Tired of the debate about arming teachers ? Too bad, because another gun argument is on the horizon. This time, it’s about arming elected officials. Council members in Monroe could do that next month, and they appear to have the votes to make it happen in this Southwest Ohio city. The conversation started about a month after the Parkland school shooting in Florida, which left 17 people dead. At a March meeting, Monroe Councilman Todd Hickman noticed three police officers in council chambers. A plea: Don’t arm my teachers, Ohio school shooting victim says Hickman, who has his concealed carry weapons license , asked the police chief afterward if he could carry his own gun there. A CCW permit allows someone to carry a weapon in public, hidden from sight. A few weeks later, the councilman asked the chief about […]


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