Tiverton Town Council votes to remove ‘politically motivated’ Second Amendment resolution

Tiverton Town Council votes to remove 'politically motivated' Second Amendment resolution

Daily News correspondent TIVERTON — A resolution passed nearly two years ago supporting the Second Amendment and opposing infringement on the right to bear arms was repealed Monday on a 6-1 vote of the Town Council. Proponents and opponents of the resolution accused each other of trying to make “a political statement.” Resident Scott McCarthy said he was “appalled” the Town Council would consider a request to repeal, and said their action “is about control.” Residents Christine Bandoni and Maureen Morrow asked the council to repeal the resolution that was introduced by former council member Justin Katz in May 2019 and approved by that council majority in June 2019. “Resolutions like this send a dangerous message that the Town Council is not going to be supporting the law,” Bandoni said. “Doing this would not mean you’re against Second Amendment rights.” The resolution reads that the council “affirms its support for the Tiverton Police Department to exercise sound discretion when enforcing laws impacting the rights of citizens under the Second Amendment” and the town “will not appropriate funds for capital construction of building space” or storage systems “to store weapons seized” if the Legislature passes any bill that infringes on people’s right to keep and bear arms. “The genesis of this resolution was politically motivated. It’s not necessary,” Morrow said of the resolution. “We have laws and we have a Constitution” in place. Morrow took exception to a statement made by McCarthy about the amount of support for the resolution. […]

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