To Curb Shootings, New York Democrats Seek Tougher Gun Laws

NEW YORK NOW – Democrats in New York are making a new push for stronger gun control laws in the remaining days of this year’s legislative session, including a provision that would allow individuals to sue gun manufacturers in the aftermath of a crime. Lawmakers rallied in Albany Tuesday to support the package, which aims to restrict gun ownership in certain cases, while adding additional requirements for those seeking a firearm. Democrats push new gun restrictions in New York Tuesday in Albany. Credit: New York NOW “We have seen New York state move swiftly in other crises, and now we are looking for this state Legislature to do the same in this critical month,” said Assemblymember Diana Richardson, a Democrat from Brooklyn. Part of the package would create more hurdles for individuals seeking to purchase a gun, which Democrats said would help cut down on unlawful gun ownership while protecting firearm users who obtain their weapon legally. One bill would require those seeking to purchase a gun to clear a mental health evaluation and pass a drug test — both of which would have to be certified by a doctor. The legislation would also require prospective gun owners to undergo a five-hour gun safety course, and complete a live firing test with at least 90% accuracy at a shooting range using the type of firearm they intend to purchase. That bill would also require individuals to apply for a hunting license before they purchase a gun, and provide proof […]

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