Transcript: Post Live Election Daily with Sen. Robert P. Casey Jr. (D-Pa.) & Sen. Patrick J. Toomey (R-Pa.)

MR. COSTA: Good afternoon. Welcome back to Washington Post Live’s Post-Election Daily. I’m Bob Costa, national political reporter at The Post. And on this Veterans’ Day, we are celebrating veterans, and also keeping a close eye on all the headlines out there, and to really dig deep today on a battleground state from the 2020 campaign that’s also my home state, Pennsylvania. And we’ll be joined by Senator Pat Toomey, a Republican; and Senator Bob Casey, in just a moment–a Democrat–two senators from Pennsylvania. But first, the headlines: Georgia is heating up. The Secretary of State in Georgia has announced a hand recount in that state. President-elect Biden is up by about 14,000 votes in the latest Washington Post count. And that’s going to be a state that everybody in this country who’s involved with politics will have their eyes on between now and the January 5th runoff; have a story in The Post today all about it. Speaker Pelosi, meanwhile, in the House remains in charge. She has fended off no challenge, no Democrat stepping forward to challenge Speaker Pelosi despite Democrats losing seats in the House of Representatives. It’s a testament to her power and it’s also a sign that Democrats who are ambitious in the House, like Hakim Jeffries of New York, are probably going to just wait it out, wait out Speaker Pelosi until she decides to retire at some point and then have an open race for the gavel. But it’s interesting, when you […]

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