Trump encourages Louisianians to vote, says Pelosi 'hates the United States' at second rally in as many days

Trump encourages Louisianians to vote, says Pelosi ‘hates the United States’ at second rally in as many days

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Trump encourages Louisiana residents to get out and vote for a Republican governor President Trump slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., at his second campaign rally in as many nights Friday, saying "Nancy Pelosi hates the United States of America." Trump ridiculed the ongoing impeachment inquiry spearheaded by House Democrats, who he called "scammers and con artists," "They know they can’t win an election so they’re pursuing an illegal unconstitutional b—s— impeachment," the president roared before a packed arena in Lake Charles, La. Trump also attacked Joe and Hunter Biden over their Ukrainian business dealings for the second night in a row, accusing the media of covering up potential Biden corruption and complaining that if any of his children were similarly accused, the media wouldn’t call the allegations unsubstantiated — "They would be saying, ‘Where’s the nearest cell?’" NANCY PELOSI SAYS TRUMP’S RALLY COMMENTS ABOUT BIDEN ‘BEYOND THE PALE,’ RIPS SENATE REPUBLICANS’ ‘COWARDICE’ ON IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY The president decried the "rage-filled Democrat party that has gone completely insane" accusing them of waging a "nonstop battle" to "overthrow" his presidency. Trump also mocked ex-FBI officials and lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page again saying "these people are corrupt. These people are disgusting." "This is the witch hunt," he said. "They’ve been trying to stop us for three years with a lot of crap." Trump ‘s appearance in Louisiana was scheduled to help rally Republican voters against the state’s Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards. President Donald Trump introduces Louisiana Republican gubernatorial […]

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