Trump Jr. calls on Manchin, Tester to oppose Biden’s ATF nominee

Trump Jr. calls on Manchin, Tester to oppose Biden's ATF nominee

Donald Trump Jr. is calling on voters to urge moderate lawmakers like Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) and John Tester (Mont.) to oppose President Biden’s pick to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). During an address at a Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) event in Dallas on Friday, the former president’s eldest son said that Biden’s ATF nominee, David Chipman, "worked actively for the anti-gun lobby." Chipman, who served for 25 years as an ATF special agent, has attracted opposition from gun rights groups due to his previous work as a policy adviser for the gun control group Giffords. Trump told audience members Friday that the Chipman as head of the ATF would "infringe on your Second Amendment rights." "So, I want all of you guys to call your senators and make sure that this guy doesn’t get confirmed," he said. "I want you to speak to your senators in, perhaps, purple states, where you have Democratic senators that claim to be for the Second Amendment," Trump said, specifically citing Manchin and Tester, who have both vocally labeled themselves as supporters of gun rights. "Ask them: are they going to nominate someone that says they’re going to take your guns away, your AR-15," Trump said, arguing that the senators "talk about being for the Second Amendment, their constituency is for the Second Amendment, but you can’t be on both sides of this one guys." "You’re going to have to make up your mind." Joe Biden’s […]

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