Trump may have damaged democracy beyond repair; Missouri is embarrassing; and other top letters

Letter: Trump may have damaged democracy beyond repair Regarding “ Emails show Trump pressured Justice Department over 2020 election” (June 15): It’s increasingly apparent that Donald Trump acted more like a chief executive officer of a major corporation than president of the United States. He hired and fired at will, with all decisions based upon fealty. Those around him walked in fear, bowed when commanded, and agreed to whatever he said. He used public humiliation and threats to legislators. And now we see that even the Department of Justice jumped to do his bidding. Trump was quick to discard one presidential norm after another. He had no patience for the daily staff briefing. He eliminated press conferences. He rejected instructions from health experts, and he created secret alliances with our enemies. He refused to accept the election result and scorned the peaceful transfer of power. Perhaps most egregiously, he instilled a fear and distrust of the mainstream journalistic media by deeming any information unflattering to him to be untrue. Those actions might work when you own the company, but they play poorly when you’ve been elected to public office. Knowing that presidents for the past 240 years have followed protocol, it’s difficult to watch one individual single-handedly dismantle the norms of our government. And now we are left to pick up the pieces. I fear that the holes in our quilt of democracy may have grown too large to ever again be mended. All because we let one rat […]

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