Trump vs. Biden

President Donald J. Trump is the law and order president. Under his watch, laws will be enforced, order will be restored and the police will be respected. With Joe Biden, we will meet the same fate as Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey from Missouri. As the angry mob descended onto the McCloskeys property, shouting that they were going to kill them and their dog and burn down their house, the McCloskeys called the police. The police never came, they were told to stand down. The McCloskeys did what most people would do. They asserted their Second Amendment rights and defended their property with firearms. What happened next? St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner charged them both with felonies and confiscated their weapons. Is this the America you want? President Trump believes in capitalism. Joe Biden is merely a conduit for the radical left’s call for socialism. Check out the details of the very real 110-page Biden-Sanders manifesto. There is a reason the Democrats aren’t talking about it and why it is being kept tightly under wraps. The policies it endorses are the direct pathway to socialism. A job-killing $2 trillion climate agenda, bailing out poorly run liberal Democrat cities and states ravaged by anarchists, taxpayer funded abortions, replacing police officers with social workers, gun confiscation, destroying Medicare, distribution of wealth through taxation – goodbye businesses, dismantling ICE, eliminating cash bail, etc. I am not aware of anyone dying of starvation from capitalism, but in Venezuela, once the richest country in […]

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