Trump’s Newest Supreme Court Shortlist Is Overtly More Political

Trump's Newest Supreme Court Shortlist Is Overtly More Political

President Trump speaks about judicial appointments Wednesday at the White House. This story was originally published Sept. 10, 2020 President Trump has unveiled his latest list of potential Supreme Court nominees, reviving a tool that served him well in energizing the conservative base in the 2016 campaign. But this latest list, his fourth, is quite different from those in 2016 and 2017 . Administration insiders concede that this list is avowedly more political. While the previous three lists included just one elected politician and no administration officials, this list includes three U.S. senators — all fire-breathing conservative Republicans. They are Arkansas’ Tom Cotton, Texas’ Ted Cruz and Missouri’s Josh Hawley. All three have, directly or indirectly, criticized Chief Justice John Roberts for not being conservative enough, and all three have presidential ambitions. Indeed, Hawley tweeted that he is not really interested in a seat on the court. I appreciate the President’s confidence in listing me as a potential Supreme Court nominee. But as I told the President, Missourians elected me to fight for them in the Senate, and I have no interest in the high court. I look forward to confirming constitutional conservatives — Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) September 9, 2020 Also on the list are a top Trump White House lawyer and two top officials from the Trump Justice Department, including former Solicitor General Noel Francisco, who have carried Trump’s legal banner in the courts. Perhaps the most interesting name on the list is Paul Clement, who served as […]

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