‘Tucker Carlson Originals’ investigates the most aggressive gun confiscation scheme in modern American history

'Tucker Carlson Originals' investigates the most aggressive gun confiscation scheme in modern American history

In the latest installment of Fox Nation’s "Tucker Carlson Originals," host Tucker Carlson breaks down the decline of gun rights over the last 30 years and pinpoints specific instances of government overstep—such as the New Orleans Police Department’s mass gun confiscation in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. In August of 2005, the Louisiana city descended into chaos following the devastating hurricane. Local police quickly lost control of the situation, some stopped enforcing the law, and joined in on the looting. Instead of cracking down on the violent criminals forming militias and plundering the city, police targeted citizens in what Carlson asserted was the "most aggressive gun confiscation scheme in modern American history." "A lot of people don’t think like their guns can be taken. It can happen. It did happen," said Jim Richard, a victim of gun confiscation. Richards said he became afraid when he saw people in the streets with guns and television sets, cleaning out stores by force. He decided to take his boat and grab his gun collection. He was stopped in the middle of the water and asked whether he had any weapons on board. When he told the police that he had legal weapons on board, they drew M-16’s, shouted at him, and confiscated his collection of 17 guns. New Orleans Superintendent P. Edwin Compass made his point known at the time: "No one will be able to be armed." The police followed up on the superintendent’s announcement and confiscated thousands of firearms illegally […]

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