Tucson declares its independence from Arizona’s nutty gun sanctuary law

Tucson declares its independence from Arizona's nutty gun sanctuary law

Opinion: Tucson may lose its battle against the state’s Second Amendment Firearm Freedom Act, but the fight should give Arizona voters an up-close view of who is running this state. Those rebels south of the Rillito are at it again. The city of Tucson has approved its own declaration of independence of sorts, rising with one voice to reject one of the nuttier ideas to come out of the Arizona Legislature this year. Oh, I know. There have been so many of those you have no idea which one I’m talking about, right? Tucson is refusing to abide by the state’s new Second Amendment sanctuary law. “Let them challenge us,” Councilman Steve Kozachik recently told the Arizona Daily Star. Lawmakers want to prevent an attack … on guns Oh, they will, just as soon as President Joe Biden musters up to the good sense to mandate that every person looking to buy a gun be required to undergo a federal background check. Or as soon as he bans the sale of those large-capacity magazines that allow for large-capacity carnage at America’s schools and shopping malls and offices and … well, at too many places to name them all. To prevent Arizona from being subject to such horrors – an attack on guns, that is, not people – Gov. Doug Ducey and the Arizona Legislature this spring passed the Second Amendment Firearm Freedom Act . On a near party-line vote (Sen. Lisa Otondo, D-Yuma, was the lone Democrat in support), […]

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