Tucson to ignore Arizona’s ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’ law

Tucson to ignore Arizona's 'Second Amendment sanctuary' law

Liberals stacking one law on top of another to push out the Second Amendment: Colion Noir 00:00 00:0001:16GO LIVE Facebook Twitter Email Embed SpeedNormal Autoplay Officials in the city of Tucson plan to ignore Arizona’s new "Second Amendment sanctuary" law that bars state and local governments from enforcing certain federal gun regulations, possibly setting up a court fight as a growing number of cities and counties in the United States declare themselves similar firearm havens. The move by Democratic Mayor Regina Romero and the City Council again puts Tucson and Republican-led state at odds over how to regulate gun sales and use. The southern Arizona city has long tried to enforce gun laws stricter than the state’s, including mandating background checks for guns purchased on city property and destroying seized firearms. Over the years, those measures have been challenged after the Republican-controlled Legislature enacted laws barring the actions. The new action came after GOP Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill in April declaring that Arizona is a so-called Second Amendment sanctuary . It was partly a response to the election of President Joe Biden, who has vowed to enact tighter firearms regulations. A growing movement of at least 1,200 local governments have declared themselves sanctuaries insulated from state and federal gun laws since 2018, when high-profile mass shootings prompted calls for stronger regulations. Many are symbolic but some carry legal force. SAMANTHA BEE GUN SPECIAL: SECOND AMENDMENT IS ‘USELESS,’ FRAGILE MEN ARE DRAWN TO GUNS In addition to Arizona, […]

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