Two Democrats running for Ryan’s seat show differences in debate

Two Democrats running for Ryan's seat show differences in debate

LAKE GENEVA Toward the end of Sunday night’s debate between the Democratic candidates for the 1st Congressional District, moderator Joy Cardin asked how two progressives could appeal to voters in a district that leans to the center-right. Randy Bryce said government should lift people up, and he favors policies that help working people. Cathy Myers said she would make sure she spends a lot of time listening to constituents, something she said she is doing on the campaign trail. Those responses were brief. The candidates talked a lot more during their 90 minutes on stage at Badger High School, detailing positions that will play well with Democratic partisans in the Aug. 14 primary. But they did display a few differences. Both called for universal background checks for gun purchases and banning assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. “We have a right in this country to go to school and not be shot, a right to walk down the street, to go to church or to the mall or to a concert. … This isn’t a Second Amendment issue at all. This is about money and being able to sell guns,” Myers said. Bryce said he owns a gun and supports hunters. “The majority of hunters are responsible, and they understand the need for common-sense gun control, most of them,” he said. Bryce also signaled a willingness to work with anyone to keep jobs from going overseas. He said it’s the only issue on which he agrees with President Donald Trump, […]

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