Two new California Democrats on how they’re courting rural voters: By listening to them

Two new California Democrats on how they're courting rural voters: By listening to them

Left: Navy doctor and Democrat Kermit Jones is running against incumbent GOP Rep. Tom McClintock. Right: Democrat Max Steiner is running against GOP Rep. Doug LaMalfa. Max Steiner didn’t need to see Terry McAuliffe whacked in the Virginia governor’s race to learn that Democrats have problems connecting with rural voters. He’s living the dream every day as a Democrat running in California’s most rural — and conservative — House district. How conservative is California’s District One? Represented by cowboy-boot-wearing Republican Rep. Doug LaMalfa since 2013, it’s a massive swath that includes 11 thinly populated counties in the northeastern part of the state where 8 in 10 voters are white and 22% graduated from college. Last year, Donald Trump won 56% of the vote there. Last month, on the day that thousands of students in the district walked out to protest vaccine mandates, LaMalfa, whose four children are homeschooled, told an anti-vax rally in Redding that “no vax is going to be forced on my kid.” There was a school walkout today in Redding, CA to oppose vaccine mandates. Congressman Doug LaMalfa, after noting that he home-schooled all 4 of his kids, says he supports them pulling kids out of school to protest. — Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) October 18, 2021 And last week, the Oroville City Council declared itself a “constitutional republic city” — legal scholars are still scratching their heads over what that means — so it wouldn’t have to obey any federal or state (read: COVID-related) mandates […]

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