U.S. Senate candidate Broyles says it’s time for a change

U.S. Senate candidate Broyles says it's time for a change

Abby Broyles says she will break with the Democratic Party on issues when she feels the need to do so. Broyles, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate seat held by Republican U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe, of Tulsa, mentioned the Second Amendment to the Constitution as an example. “I’m a supporter of the Second Amendment,” Broyles said. “This is where I break from my party. Gun ownership is a way of life,” she said, referring to states such as Oklahoma. “I never want to take away guns.” That being said, Broyles said there are what she called some “common sense” things that could be done where gun laws are concerned. She said there’s a bill on the table calling for background checks on gun purchases. But background checks are already in place, aren’t they? Broyles said she’s a supporter of what she called universal background checks. Although background checks are currently in place by licensed gun dealers, she noted background checks aren’t required before purchasing firearms at gun shows. She would support putting the additional background checks in place. “I don’t think that’s a radical idea,” she said. “I don’t want criminals that are violent with a gun in their hand.” Broyles, who was in McAlester for a fundraising event at Pete’s Place in Krebs, stopped by the News-Capital prior to the event. In a wide-ranging interview, she touched on everything from the current controversy regarding President Trump moving forward with a Supreme Court nominee to riots in the […]

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