University of Missouri employees may bring guns to campus, but there’s a catch

University of Missouri employees may bring guns to campus, but there's a catch

Employees of the University of Missouri System may bring their guns to campus after a ruling by the Western District Court of Appeals on Tuesday. At issue was whether a university rule for all campuses was at odds with a state statute focused on state employees . Since the university is a public university, faculty and staff are state employees. The rule prohibits possession and discharge of weapons, firearms and explosives on campuses, including farms, except for those using them in the line of duty, such as campus police. The state statute says that state employees cannot be prohibited from having a gun on state property, so long as the firearm is in a locked vehicle and cannot be seen. Boone County Circuit Court Judge Jeff Harris ruled in November 2019 that the university rule did not conflict with state law. The appeals court reversed that ruling. The circuit court now will have to review this part of the case based on the appeals court ruling. The decision from the appeals court was both from an employee case brought against the university in 2015 and by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt in 2016. It was written by Division One Judge W. Douglas Thomson. The case also involved a state constitution analysis with regard to the firearm prohibition by a public entity — the university. The appeals court decided that employees cannot be prohibited from bringing a gun to campus, so long as their possession still follows the state statute. […]

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