US gun violence: Joe Biden to target ‘ghost guns’

US gun violence: Joe Biden to target 'ghost guns'

Mr Biden will announce a series of measures including one targeting "ghost guns" US President Joe Biden is to target homemade "ghost guns" as part of a new set of measures to tackle gun violence, a White House official has said. Ghost guns have no serial numbers, making them difficult to trace. They can be bought by minors and people who would not pass background checks. Mr Biden will enact the measures through an executive order, meaning he will not need approval from Congress. The move comes after high-profile mass shootings last month. A total of 18 people died in two mass shootings, one in Boulder, Colorado and the other in Atlanta Georgia. The executive order will include measures on the use of stabilising braces and community violence prevention. However, the president will have an uphill task. The right to bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution and many people see gun control laws as infringing on their constitutional right. What are the proposed measures? Later on Thursday, Mr Biden will say that he has given the Justice Department 30 days to propose a rule that will help reduce the number of "ghost guns". These guns are self-assembled, which means they do not contain a serial number and cannot be traced. Mr Biden will also give the Justice Department 60 days to come up with a rule on stabilising braces for pistols. Under the rule, the braces, which can be used to turn a […]

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