Utah gun rights advocate: Gun control advocates want 'to fix a problem that isn't there'

Utah gun rights advocate: Gun control advocates want ‘to fix a problem that isn’t there’

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Utah gun owners flock to state Capitol to protest newly proposed gun control laws Opponents to a series of proposed gun control laws in Utah say lawmakers are proposing a solution to problems that don’t exist. "In Utah, we have one of the highest rates of firearm ownership, very, very little restrictions on firearms, we’re a very permissive state," Utah Shooting Sports Council Chairman Clark Aposhian told “ Fox & Friends First ” Monday. "Yet we have one of the lowest homicide and violent crime rates, even with a firearm, in the country, so what we’re asking for is to fix a problem that isn’t there.” Over the weekend, Aposhian took part in a rally at the state capitol in Salt Lake City with hundreds of other Utah gun rights advocates. The proposed legislation includes House Bill 109 , which calls for universal background checks for firearm purchases; H.B. 115 , where custodians can be found liable for damage caused by someone else using their firearm; H.B. 136 , which would make it a criminal offense if a firearm is stored in a place that the gun owner knows that a minor or person legally restricted from possessing a gun has access to it and a person is injured by the minor or restricted person who used it; and H.B. 229 , also known as a red flag law, which allows a family member or law enforcement to ask a court to restrain a person who may present a […]

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